Major Backstage Update On Test's Suspension

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

As reported earlier, Andrew 'Test' Martin is off house shows after violating the WWE Wellness Policy. There had been several people wondering about how he was even passing the tests in the first place since his return to WWE in June. As it turns out, WWE does indeed play favorites. Many wrestlers in WWE would be highly suspect for failing Wellness tests, but certain people are looked over. Don't expect anyone in a high position for WrestleMania to fail one anytime soon.

Test was very upset about doing jobs to Bobby Lashley at TV & PPV and he let Vince McMahon know about it. He was suddenly put on suspension and many feel that he was only suspended due to being a disgruntled employee that had spoken out.

Also, the new idea is to only pull the person from house shows in an attempt to keep things quiet.