More NWO Matches, SD! Rating, Angle/Japan, & More

Chris Beniot and The Hardy's vs. MNM and MVP as well as a Cruiserweight Open.

Last night's No Way Out go home addition of Smackdown scored a 2.9 broadcast rating, based on the Fast National Numbers compiled by Nielsen Media Research.

Former WWE champion Kurt Angle arrived in Japan on Saturday, as he prepares for his New Japan tag team match on Sunday at Ryogoku Kokugikan. Zach Arnold reports that Angle met Nagata for a photo-op and had a Hummer escort vehicle. Angle was billed as a "Real American Hero" and he stated that he would like a singles match against Nagata in the future.

Remember former WWF superstar Kurrgan (Real name Robert Maillet). He appears in the movie "300," which will be released next month.

Curtis "Mr." Hughes is now working in Memphis Wrestling.