More On The Backstage Heat On Many Wrestlers, Hogan, More

To update on Melina, she is still in the doghouse for her backstage attitude which hasn t changed since she went over to RAW from Smackdown. She had a bad reputation in the Smackdown locker room for her attitude, although the company views her as their third top Diva on the roster when it comes to in-ring work. Many other people have heat in the locker-room these days as well including Nitro (dating Melina/attitude issues), RVD (possibly leaving, mocking higher-ups), Shelton Benjiman & Carlito (work ethic), and CM Punk (attitude issues).

On this morning s edition of Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN2, they compared University of Colorado's football coach Dan Hawkins to Hulk Hogan. They even played several sound clips of old Hogan promos comparing the two saying brother after each statement. has added a story today titled WWE has heavyweight business plans . The article speaks on WWE s financial numbers which were released yesterday. WWE CEO Linda McMahon was quoted as saying, "overall positive trends developing across our businesses."

As NBC executives had hoped, several media outlets have picked up on the Donald Trump vs. Vince McMahon hair stipulation at WrestleMania.