New Years Revolution, SD! PPV, Diva Strikes Back, & More

WWE Stocks closed the day on Tuesday at 16.19, a 1.06% increase over yesterday's closing. The day's range was 16.11 – 16.28. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)

The WWE New Year's Revolution 2007 DVD includes the John Cena vs. Kevin Federline and Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell Raw matches. They have edited out the "we want wrestling" and "TNA" chants.

MTV's Wrestling Society X's commentator Kris Kloss will be the guest tonight on at 6:00 PM Eastern. Please join us for the live show, chat room and your calls at 508 644 8503 (long distance charges may apply).

The 2/18 Smackdown PPV No Way Out in Los Angeles is a sell out.

Former Smackdown diva Amy Zidian, who appeared briefly on Smackdown as Jimmy Wang Yang's valet, left a nasty message on Kristal's web page accusing the diva of getting her fired. She also posted a picture of Kristal and her dog Ginger, and used Matt Striker's face on the dog. (Striker and Kristal have been dating). Zidian wrote, "maybe you should let him off his leash from time to time." She also wrote, "Thanks for running to Stephanie and trying to get me fired. You got the job done you bald skank." On December 13, 2006, Zidian was released by WWE.