News On WSX Ratings, UWF/WSX Relationship?, More

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the Friday night (February 2) "preview" airing of the second episode of Wrestling Society X drew a final 0.5 cable rating. That is up from last week's 0.43 preview show on Friday. On a related note, it will be very interesting to see how WSX follows up ratings wise tonight on MTV after debuting with an impressive 1.0 rating last week. As it did last week, the show will be going head-to-head with the last 30 minutes of ECW on Sci Fi.


According to sources, there are reportedly negotiations going on at the moment between Hermie Sadler's UWF and Wrestling Society X officials about having UWF promote WSX branded House Show events. The word making the rounds right now is that Sadler will book and promote WSX wrestlers for the next UWF event and "test the waters" so to speak before a final decision is made. For those who remember, Sadler's UWF had a working relationship with TNA Wrestling until that was nixed in late 2006.