Real Life Heat Between LAX/Team 3D, Christy Hemme, & More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While backstage morale in TNA is said to be very high right now, there are still some undercard workers not happy with their position and pay. They are especially unhappy about having to pay for their own hotels and transportation.


There is some talk within the company about making Christy Hemme manage a tag team or stable that will be feuding with VKM.

After some controversial media interviews with Samoa Joe, Kip James and BG James, TNA now wants to authorize all media interviews with their talent.

There is actually some real life backstage heat between Team 3D and the LAX in TNA. Brother Ray has been frustrated with fans cheering for LAX instead of Team 3D due to Konnan s promos. While Team 3D still does get cheered, some are comparing the situation to how WCW fans were cheering for the New World Order which was a heel group. Brother Ray has complained to management about the situation.

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