Rumors Swirl Regarding WWE Legend Involved In Incident

This was issued by Jake Roberts publicist Chris Yandrek:

Please read on your radio programs or post on your websites.

Due to contrary reports, the incident in Melbourne, Florida regarding Jake Roberts has been erroneously fabricated and exaggerated by the promoter.


Jake left because of money issues with the promoter ... and nothing more.

The allegations the promoter made after Jake left the show were completely false; this was a pathetic attempt by the promoter to explain to his packed house exactly why Jake had left.

Jake will be issuing a statement soon but has declined to do so at this time due to the necessity for the advise of legal counsel.

And directly from the Snake, "Those of you who wish to believe the negative press releases out there concerning this particular show, and any others with the same Association, can kiss my ass."

You can find more information regarding this matter on Jake Roberts official My Space Page which can be found at