**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown Taping Results

Special thanks to AngryMarks.com for this report:

Stevie J and Lady J are live at SmackDown and ECW tonight, here's the results they just e-mailed in!

Dark matches:

Chuck Palumbo d. Shannon Moore.
Chavo Guerrero d. Johnny Decent (local jobber) via frogsplash.

Friday Night Smackdown:

- Miz brags about beating V1 to the divas.
- Announcers come out to JBL's music.
- Pyro

Undertaker vs. Mike "the Miz~!" Mizanin":
Miz gets owned. Old school, snake eyes, last ride, tombstone, pin.
WINNER: DEAD MAN. Chokeslam through announce table after and Miz was DEAD~!

- Rey Mysterio promo – returns in TWO WEEKS.

- Dave Batista v. Ken Kennedy promo.

Deuce & Domino (w/ Cherry) v. London & Kendrick (with Ashley) – non-title.

Kendrick takes a beating from Domino then Deuce. London breaks up pin, finally gets the hot tag and cleans up with kicks. Top rope for finisher, Kendrick goes over the top to block interference and crashes. London comes down the hard way for the pin.

- Maryse video.

- King Booker recap and promo. He wants Teddy to suspend Kane but he makes the Kane v. Booker match for No Way Out instead.

Matt Hardy v. Joey Mercury.
Matt dominant early, splash to Mercury outside. Mercury owns the mid-match and works Hardy's leg. Comeback by Matt leads to a series of near falls. Leg drop, Twist of Fate blocked, roll-up for the pin.

- WrestleMania 23 in 51 days

- Kennedy promo. "I am the buzzkill!" He vows to take Batista's title and WM spot. Says he pinned him at the Rumble but got robbed and "IT MAKES ME SICK" plus he'll make sure tomorrow Batista's baggage is a little lighter. Big Dave interrupted the promo and beat him up.

- Divas video for both Raw & SD to "Are You Gonna Be My Girl."

- Slam of the Week – Boogeyman interference in Benoit match.

Boogeyman v. Finlay.
Longer than almost any other Boogey match. He babyfaces and Finlay beats him up. Big comeback, Little Bastard interference leads to Finlay using the shillelagh on his leg and a cover. WINNER: FINLAY.

- Taker vs. Miz recap.

Daivari~! v. Gregory Helms (non-title).
Helms roll-up Daivari reverses it for a pin.

- WrestleMania Recall – Pete Rose.

- Krystal strips for Long, Jillian sings badly. Long makes a Diva Talent Contest for all brands at NWO.

- No Way Out promo.

Ken Kennedy v. Dave Batista for the title.
Big Dave taking a beating with several near falls. Kennedy worked an arm/wrist. Kennedy herked up for a fallaway slam with Dave still on top but no count. Belt shot by Kennedy, Dave up at 2.9. Face wash on Dave and another near fall. Spinebuster by Dave, long delay to pin, Kennedy kicked out. 3 demon bombs and one BIG one for the pin.

Lights out, music, Taker stares down Dave from left side of ramp then walked out to close.