Test Suspended From WWE, Details Inside

Source: Bryan Alverez

Apparently, Andrew "Test" Martin has been suspended. Test has been pulled off the road due to the WWE Wellness policy.

This is the first WWE Wellness policy violation since September, at least that we know of. The policy calls for talent to be suspended for 30 days should they fail a drug test. Also, some of the talent have a way of getting around the program. If the person tests positive for steroids or some other substance in violation of the policy, the person can still get around the suspension if the individual's next test shows a decreased usage of whatever substance he or she is using because it shows that he or she is trying to improve him or herself. But if the test shows no marked improvement, the individual will get suspended.

Vince McMahon had recently given up on pushing Test as a top headliner in ECW. That's why he was beaten in all of his encounters with Bobby Lashley.