The Real Reason For Bill DeMott's Firing, & More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the recent WWE cut list was Bill DeMott, the head trainer of Deep South Wrestling.

DeMott ran a high intensity boot camp style conditioning program that the wrestlers hated. He was seen as trying too hard to "break" the wrestlers and make them "pay dues" in an "old school" way to the point that trainees grew disgruntled. Some quit and others suffered injuries severe enough to require hospital visits because they were so fatigued before their in-ring lessons. DeMott was also criticized internally for being overly harsh verbally toward trainees, jumping on them for any mistakes. It got so bad that WWE brass in Stamford, Connecticut had cameras installed at the training facility so they could monitor his training sessions. There were apparently times he'd turn off the cameras right before berating trainees. However, the office usually backed him up when people would complain about him to talent relations.


Demott being let go is related to Mike 'Simon Dean' Bucci taking over from Tommy Dreamer as the person in charge of the developmental program. Bucci wanted a trainer he was more closely associated with, and that came to be Tom Prichard. Prichard was let go in October 2004 because he clashed with John Laurinaitus. Prichard was negative towards the company's direction and of the internal changes after John Laurinaitus replaced Jim Ross. After his release, Prichard did several small-time indie shows in the Tennessee area. He tried to get an agents job with TNA, but they didn't pick him up.

Also, it's just coming out that several people have tried to run Deep South Wrestling owner Jody Hamilton out of the promotion as well. However, John Laurinaitus has always protected him, probably because he put the Deep South Wrestling promotion together. And for some reason, WWE wants outside ownership of its developmental territories.