TNA iMPACT Results - February 1, 2007

Report by Richard Trionfo of

We are less than two weeks away from Against All Odds when Christian will try to defend the NWA World Heavyweight Title on the anniversary of his first title victory. Will Kurt Angle find out who Christian s consultant is this week or will he have to wait until the pay per view (or some time between this week s show and the pay per view)? Will Team 3D and the Latin American Exchange continue to battle over the NWA World Tag Titles? What is next as the teacher and student get ready to meet for the X Division title as Jerry Lynn gets ready for his title match at Against All Odds. Will we see Bob Backlund this week? What is next for the Voodoo Kin Mafia? What is next for Christy Hemme? Will we find out the rules of the Prison Yard Match?

We begin this week s show with a look back at last week when Christian Cage said that Samoa Joe is not his consultant, but later says that he has a habit of lying. We also hear Samoa Joe s comments that he is the unofficial ring enforcer for Christian s match against Angle at Against All Odds. We then hear Joe s comments that he will be taking the title from Angle the next time that they meet. We hear Christian s second clue to Angle. Then we see Sting telling the fans Abyss s secret and the Abyss s rampage on Sting.

We see footage from last week of Abyss opening the back of the ambulance that was taking Sting away after getting a fireball to his face. Abyss opens the ambulance and Sting is not in there.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike TNA Tenay and Don you have got to be kidding me West.

Jeremy Borash is outside Jim Cornette s office and he talks about how busy things are outside the office as we see the Voodoo Kin Mafia and Bob Backlund. Jeremy talks about a five way X Division match and Chris Sabin bumps into Jeremy and he is using a walker and he is wearing a bathrobe. Chris asks Jeremy to speak into his good ear. Chris talks about the crazy kids and their Pac-Man games along with their stickers and balloons. Chris says back in his day he had two sided rings made out of sheepskin and cow testicles. Jeremy asks Chris about Jerry Lynn s X Division Title match. Sabin walks away.

Before the first match, when Alex Shelley comes to the ring, he stops at the announce table to deliver a DVD to Mike Tenay. We also see Chris Sabin use his walker to come to the ringside area as the match begins.

Match Number One: Jay Lethal versus Jerry Lynn versus Alex Shelley versus Austin Starr versus Sonjay Dutt

Shelley and Dutt start things off and Dutt with a hammer lock into a snap mare. Dutt with a somersault senton followed by a moonsault on Shelley. Lethal tags in and Shelley catches Lethal with an arm bar take down and then he steps on Lethal s hand. Shelley continues to work on the arm before tagging in Austin Starr. Starr chokes Lethal while he poses for the crowd. Starr slams Lethal and then he hits the pendulum elbow for a two count. Lethal punches Starr but Starr punches back. Starr with an eye poke, but Lethal with a chop. Lynn tags in and he hits a drop kick and then he knocks Shelley and Dutt off the apron. Lynn with a baseball slide to Starr. Dutt with a plancha onto Lynn. Shelley comes through the ropes, but he stops before going to the floor and he spits water on Starr and Dutt. Lethal hits a drop kick to Shelley s back that knocks Alex off the apron. Lethal with a suicide dive onto Shelley and Lynn. Lethal punches Starr while Lynn rolls Starr back into the ring. Chris Sabin gets on the apron and he takes off his robe and he is wearing a diaper. He throws something at Lynn. Lynn moves out of the way when Starr charges at him and Starr collides with Sabin. Lynn gets Starr up for the cradle piledriver, but when Lethal distracts the referee by getting into the ring illegally, Chris Sabin trips Lynn and Starr gets the three count.

Winner: Austin Starr

After the match, Sabin, Starr, and Shelley attack Jerry Lynn. Senshi comes to the ring to make the save for Jerry Lynn as Starr, Sabin, and Shelley leave the ring and head to the back.

Christian Cage and Tomko are walking in the back and Tomko is wearing a t-shirt that reads Pump . Christian tells Tomko not to worry about him tonight. He tells Tomko that he needs to cater to him because he is still on the fence. Tomko says that he does not want to do it. Christian wonders if he heard some whine. He tells Tomko that he needs to take one for the team tonight. Christian tells Tomko that it is a good thing that he is doing. We go to commercial.

We are back with the latest Paparazzi Productions video. We go to New York where the Latin American Exchange are outside of the Villa Monaco in West Islip. Homicide goes into the restaurant and they look for Nick. Homicide breaks a plate and then Hernandez attacks him from behind. Homicide grabs a knife as Hernandez beats him up.

We return to the Impact Zone and Don and Mike talk about the escalation of things between Team 3D and the Latin American Exchange. Mike says that it is one thing to battle in the Impact Zone, but when you bring in family it is going too far.

Don talks about the This is TNA special on Monday, February 12th at 9:00 p.m. Don is interrupted by Samoa Joe who comes to the ring. While Joe walks to the ring, Don mentions that the special will have the greatest moments in the history of TNA.

Joe enters the ring and he says that Tomko is supposedly in the back babysitting somebody, but that somebody is not him. He promises that he will clarify his position as unofficial enforcer at Against All Odds. Not only will he make it clear to Kurt Angle, he will make it clear to everybody else. The only business that he has with Christian Cage is calculating the amount of time he is going to kick Christian s ass. Christian interrupts Joe from the back. He talks about the rumors and talk about whether Joe is his consultant. He says that they both know the truth. Christian says that he feels really good about his chances of retaining the title at Against All Odds. He says that Kurt is probably watching and he says that Angle will get a third hint.

Jeremy Borash is outside Jim Cornette s office and while Jeremy shows us the Voodoo Kin Mafia and Bob Backlund still waiting outside the office, he tells us that we can text our choices for who Christian s consultant is. Jeremy says the options are Bill Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, or None of the Above . We will see the results next week.

James Storm and Miss Tennessee stop by and Jeremy mentions their mixed tag match at Against All Odds against Gail Kim and Petey Williams. James says that he already beat Petey Williams. The only reason why he agreed to this match was so Miss Tennessee could get her hands on Gail Kim. Jacqueline says that she has beaten up a lot of women in this business so she better get ready to get her butt kicked. Eric Young stops by he asks James Storm if he did not tell anyone about what happened last week. James asks if Eric is talking about the rubbers and Eric freaks out. Storm says that it is all over the world. Jeremy says that they saw it too. James asks Eric if he likes her and Eric says that he does not, but his friend is infatuated with her. James tells Eric to brand that steer . Christy Hemme storms into Cornette s office and Kip James is close behind. The door closes before BG James can enter, but he eventually goes into Cornette s office. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jim Mitchell and Abyss are walking to the Impact Zone while Letisha follows closely behind. Mitchell says that it is time to drive a stake through Sting s heart. He wants Abyss to send Sting straight to hell. He tells Abyss to find Sting.

We go to a video package of Robert Roode trying to get Ms. Brooks to join Robert Roode Incorporated. We see Traci s attempts to get Eric to sign the contract. We then see Eric Young s trip to the convenience store to get condoms.

Match Number Two: Robert Roode (with Ms. Brooks) versus Petey Williams (with Gail Kim)

Roode and Williams have some words before the match begins, but Roode with a pie face. Williams with punches followed by a rana that sends Roode outside the ring. Williams with a slingshot rana on the floor. Roode puts Traci in the way of Petey and then Roode with a belly-to-back suplex onto the guardrail. Roode rolls Williams back into the ring and then he works on Williams s back. Roode with a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Roode with a kick and a punch, but Williams with a punch and then Roode hits a uranage slam. Williams gets to his feet and then he gets out of a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Williams with a drop kick followed by a delayed drop kick into the ropes. Williams with a spinning heel kick followed by a satellite side Russian leg sweep. Traci gets on the apron and then Gail pulls Traci off the apron. The referee gets distracted by the women s battle on the floor and that allows James Storm to come out of nowhere and hit a super kick on Williams when Williams sets up for the Canadian Destroyer. Roode covers Williams for the three count.

Winner: James Storm

After the match, Miss Tennessee attacks Gail Kim and she rolls Gail into the ring. It turns into a four-on-two situation as Jacqueline and Traci attack Gail and James Storm and Robert Roode work over Petey Williams. From out of nowhere, Eric Young runs to the ring and he punches Roode and Storm. Jacqueline gets on Eric s back and he snap mares her and hits a drop kick. Eric refuses to hit Traci and Roode pulls her out of the ring. Roode pushes Traci and Eric pushes Roode down. Traci leaves with Eric.

We go to Jim Cornette s office and Kip James and Christy Hemme are having an argument. Jim Cornette tells them to both shut up. Jim wants to hear Christy s story. She demands a public apology from Kip or he wants Kip terminated. Kip says that Cornette will not fire him, and then instead of apologizing, he gives a crotch chop. Cornette says that if Christy wants to get even with Kip, she should marry him. Cornette says that since Christy wants to get into wrestling, she will have a match at Against All Odds. She wants to know who her opponent is and Cornette says that the opponent is to be determined . We go to commercial.

We are back with Ron Killings in A Few Good Black Men .

Mike talks about the World Title match at Against All Odds. Don mentions that Bound for Glory is now available on the TNA website. Don talks about how Lockdown will be in St. Louis on April 15th.

Jim Mitchell comes to the ring and the ringside area has been changed to show the Prison Yard Match set. Mitchell tells Sting that he played with fire and he got burned. He cannot say that he was not warned and it could not have happened to a more deserving victim. Mitchell says that he took a broken down man called Abyss and made him a champion. Sting got inside his head until Abyss got so unfocused that he lost the title. When Sting did not get his way, he did the unthinkable. He opened Pandora s Box to reveal Abyss s deepest, darkest secret. Sting had to reveal that Abyss spent time in prison for shooting his father. Thanks to that, Abyss is worse off now than when he met Abyss. He asks Sting if he has no human decency. He says that Abyss is nothing without him. Abyss is an animal that he has domesticated and when he ceases to do so, he will send Abyss to the slaughterhouse and replace him with another beast of burden. The milk has not run out of his cash cow. Mitchell says that he has sent Abyss out to find Sting to meet his accuser. Sting has a decision to make and pay for his crimes. He has two options. He can take the simple route, and he can go to the authorities and hand them the tape of his assault on Mitchell. The other way is to do it his way. Sting can come to Against All Odds and face Abyss in a Prison Yard Match. Mitchell says that a lot of things can happen in that match. At Against All Odds, Abyss will teach Sting some ugly lessons. Sting is guilty as charged and one way or another, he will serve his time. Mitchell says that he is waiting for his answer and he is losing his patience. We go to the rafters and we see Sting wearing Abyss s mask.

We go to a video package for Christopher Daniels. He says that last year when he was injured by Samoa Joe he returned with vengeance in his heart. That vengeance propelled him through one of the bloodiest feuds of his career. When it was over, something has changed. Everything that happened to him with the X Division title made him ask what is the meaning of it all. He can win the title again, but it feels like he is just treading water. There is only stagnation. There has to be a purpose for it all. We go to commercial.

We are back with comments from Lance Hoyt about A.J. Pierzynski and Dale Torborg. Hoyt says that he respects both men and what they have done. He respects the business that they are a part of because it is a game that very few people get to play. They have no idea what he has done. Professional wrestling is his life. They want to come here an disrespect him and the fans of TNA, that is fine with him. They can step over the line and try to take away his livelihood. Mike mentions that at Against All Odds, Lance Hoyt will have David Eckstein in his corner while he faces Dale Torborg with A.J. Pierzynski in his corner. We see Johnny Damon in the crowd in the Impact Zone.

Jeremy Borash is in the back with Brother Devon to discuss the footage that they saw earlier in the show. Devon says that he is a man of few words and his partner does most of the talking. It is time for him to start talking. His partner is not here because of what happened to his family. Devon says that neither he nor Ray would ever disrespect somebody s family, but LAX has. He tells LAX that there will be hell to pay next week. It is not about the NWA World Tag Team Titles, it will be about respect. Next week, they will teach LAX about respect.

Match Number Three: A.J. Styles versus Samoa Joe

Styles jukes and jives around the ring as he avoids Joe. Joe with a jab and Styles goes down. Joe with a splash into the corner and a kick that sends Styles out of the ring. Joe goes after A.J., but Styles hides behind the ref. That allows Styles to ambush Joe and he punches Joe and has Joe in a rear chin lock. Joe with elbows but Styles with a phenomenal drop kick for a near fall. Styles slams Joe s head into the turnbuckle but Joe responds with jabs. Styles with a rake of the eyes and a snap mare and rear chin lock. Joe with punches to Styles midsection and then Joe sends A.J. face first into the mat. Joe with a back elbow and scoop power slam for a two count. Joe sends A.J. over the top rope to the floor and Styles appears to have tweaked his knee. From out of nowhere, Rhino hits Styles from behind and sends Styles back into the ring. After Rhino and Joe alternate punching Styles, the referee finally calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

After the match, Styles runs to the back when Rhino chases after him. Joe picks up a chair and he takes the mic as he returns to the ring. Joe sits down in the center of the ring and he says that he is here to clarify his position. He wants Christian Cage to come to the ring. Joe sits down in the center of the ring.

Letisha tries to stop Kurt Angle as she sees him walking in the back, but Angle walks right past her as we go to commercial.

We are back and Joe is still sitting in the ring, but Angle has the mic. Angle says that he is getting tired of the Christian Cage/Samoa Joe charade. If Joe is going to screw him over, why wait until Against All Odds. He tells Joe to do it right now in front of his eyes. Angle says that to him, Joe is nothing but a bald faced liar. Joe gets up and he punches Angle. Christian Cage comes to the ring and he has a chair. He avoids hitting Joe and Christian hits Angle with the chair. Christian and Joe stand over Angle and then Joe flips off Christian and Joe punches Christian and hits a short arm clothesline. Joe chokes Christian but A.J. Styles grabs Joe s leg and he helps Christian. Christian and Styles attack Joe and A.J. hits Joe in the back with a chair while Christian holds Joe. Styles with a number of chair shots to Joe. Styles hits Angle in the back before Christian hits the Unprettier on Angle. We go to credits.