Torrie Wilson's Boyfriend, Diva News, & More

The Chris Benoit & The Hardy vs. MNM & MVP match for tonight's pay-per-view was decided upon on Friday.

Torrie Wilson was signing autographs at a recent car show. When she was done, she started walking to a guy, gave him a hug, and left the building with him. That person is former Spirit Squad member Mitch (real name Nick Mitchell). Mitch is currently the only former member of the Spirit Squad not to be assigned to any roster, including developmental. Also, Torrie noted on her MySpace "I HAD A GREAT VALENTINES DAY, DID YOU? A SWEET BOY DID EVERYTHING FOR ME THAT I COULD EVER ASK FOR AND MORE....CAN'T BELIEVE SOMETIMES THAT I COULD EVER BE TREATED SO NICE!". She also talked about moving out of her Tampa residence (which was once featured on MTV Cribs), Ashley's Playboy spread, and more.

2006 Diva Search contestant J.T. Tinney is currently featured on in-store posters for 'Victoria's Secret' lingerie.