Update On The Big WWE Developmental Releases, & More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Let go alongside the slew of other releases was developmental wrestler Ryan Reeves, who finished fourth in the 2004 Tough Enough competition. He bleached his hair blonde and added enough muscle to look like the type of wrestler the company usually loves. Down in OVW, he was doing a high-energy act that was copied after the Ultimate Warrior. However, he was knocked for not being able to understand the concepts presented to him. He was working with powerlifting champion Jon Bolen in a tag team called High Dosage. Also, Reeves failed a company drug test back in July and he was subsequently suspended for 30 days for it.

In regards to the other developmental releases, Jack Bull wasn't too good of a worker and he didn't have much going for him other than size. He was doing a gimmick in OVW where he was always drunk. Seth Skyfire was basically released because he was too small (5-10 and 195 pounds) and he didn't have the look the company likes as he looks kind of 'indy'. Also, he was probably the best worker in OVW for a long time, but that didn't seem to change their tune on him all too much. Surprisingly, he was under a developmental contract to WWE when it was believed that he didn't have one. He was working in OVW for a long time without one.

Out of the twenty talents that were released during WWE's purge two weeks ago, the Ring of Honor promotion seems to only be interested in using one individual. That person is Doug Basham. Also, you never know, maybe we'll see Doug Basham in TNA one day because he has a personal connection due to Gail Kim. They were dating long after Kim had been fired from WWE and was working in TNA. No word yet if they still are though. Gail was at the 2006 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony last year as Doug's date.