Vince McMahon Pays For Bigelow's Funeral, More WWE News

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Because Bam Bam Bigelow passed away with little to no money left, several Northeastern wrestlers led by wrestling legend Afa started to raise money for his funeral. Afa was recently contacted by WWE (it's been rumored that he'll be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year along with Sika), and in the course of his conversation with Vince McMahon, McMahon agreed to pay for the funeral. There were two funerals for Bigelow, one in New Jersey and one in Florida. McMahon payed for the NJ one. Local wrestlers in Florida raised money for the Florida one. Several members from his old biker club were at the NJ one, along with wrestlers from the NJ area. Also, Mick Foley was there. DDP flew from California and Brother Ray flew from Florida to attend the funeral as well.


WWE has started to make the official Hall of Fame phone calls. The names will be revealed within the next few weeks.

RAW star Trevor Murdoch has been working for Harley Race's WLW promotion, where he is the current champion. He beat indy wrestlers Wade Chism and Daniel Cross in a three-way match on 1/27 in Harrisonville, MO.