Who's Inducting Rhodes?, JR Not Happy, Rapper @ WM23?

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco have been complaining lately about the lack of recruiting by WWE and that the quality of athletes is nowhere near the level it was a few years ago. Vince McMahon told John Laurinaitis to hire a full-time recruiter of college and pro level athletes. They are mostly going to be looking at football players and college wrestlers. Laurinaitis has hired a recruiter that used to work with the XLF, but so far nobody new has been signed. We do know that lots and lots of models have been signed recently.

There is a rumor that rapper Timbaland will perform live at WrestleMania 23.

WWE.com has added an article with Dusty Rhodes talking about his inclusion in the Hall of Game. Rhodes says both his sons, Cody and Dustin will be inducting him.

The USA Network has topped the prime time basic cable networks for the sixth consecutive week. RAW was the top rated two hours of the entire week. RAW pulled 5.98 million viewers for the second hour of the February 5th edition and 5.71 million viewers for the opening hour.