WSX Pulled From MTV, Future In Question

The fourth episode of Wrestling Society X has been pulled from MTV. The episode was set to air this Tuesday, but now scheduled in its place, is a TV show titled "Scarred." There recently was a major shakeup within MTV, which certainly played a role in this decision. Also known is that the fourth episode of WSX raised concern with the network's standards and practices department.

As the story goes, the issue began when IWA Puerto Rico star Ricky Banderas threw a fireball at the face of Vampiro (WSX Champion). Though originally approved by the network, upon further review it was determined that the stunt too risky to show in fear of viewers at home attempting to duplicate it. The fireball stunt is supposed to be part of a storyline for much of the remaining episodes, so you can see how this really would stir a lot of debate with the network.

As mentioned earlier in this report, MTV is going over a major shakeup. Ratings for several of their original programming has dropped as of late, and many employees have been let go in the past few days, including some high ranking executives. Others have sent in their resignations and one department is said to have shut down. It's a total mess.

The ratings have fallen the past two weeks for the promotion. It was believed that originally, the network was going to air all ten taped episodes since they had already invested in them. So it doesn't necessarily appear that ratings had any barring on this decision.

All programming on the network is said to possibly be under re-evaluation, as the network considers new strategies. At this time, WSX is supposed to return Tuesday, February 27, at 10:30PM Eastern. That still, is subject to change.

If any further details surface, we will break them to you here.