Jim Ross Comments On The Firing Of Joey Mercury

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog where he comments emails that have been sent in to him, below are several highlights of the blog:

Regarding the talk of a Mexican superstar coming to WWE, "I have never seen Mistico wrestle but I have read that he is special. I know he had a non-televised match with the WWE a few weeks ago on the West coast, but I have heard nothing about him being signed or wanting to sign with the WWE. I know Rey Mysterio is a big fan of Mistico's, so that essentially is enough of an endorsement for me."

JR on rumors of The Rock being at WrestleMania this Sunday, "unless it is one of the best planned surprises in recent memory".

On Joey Mercury's release from WWE, "I have no significant comments to make regarding Joey Mercury's release except that it is truly unfortunate and a shame. Under the circumstances the termination was the only decision that could be made."

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