You can look forward to seeing Vickie Guerrero on television a lot over the next few months because she's going to be sticking around indefinitely.

In regards to where her storyline with Theodore Long is going, the plan is for her to get him removed from his General Manager position on SmackDown. Vickie Guerrero will then become the new General Manager of SmackDown, thus replacing Long. Vince McMahon recently asked her about doing the role, and she agreed, but with one condition. She doesn't have to work too many house shows because she's raising her daughters on her own.

As far as Long's WWE future is concerned, he will still remain on television, but in a different role. However, his future role hasn't been disclosed yet.

Also, the original plan for the SmackDown show in San Diego two weeks ago was for her to come out and apologize to Rey Mysterio for everything she had done to him. Mysterio would be skeptical of her apology and not fully accept it. That part was nixed at the last minute. The segment would then continue with Vince & Umaga after she left the ring.