More On The Big Split Between TNA & NWA

As reported earlier, NWA and TNA will be splitting soon, with TNA no longer using the NWA name or titles.

It appears that one of the major problems between the two is that TNA wasn't paying the fee rights that they were supposed to pay based on NWA rules that require them to pay the NWA territory in that region a rights fee for running shows in the area. With TNA planning to run more shows around the country, it wouldn't make sense for them to continue to pay NWA territories a rights fee. Plus with TNA now on national television, they don't really need the NWA name anyway.

TNA will probably just begin calling their current champions "TNA Champions" rather than NWA Champions and give them new belts.

Meanwhile, the NWA plans to put their World Title on former ROH Champion Bryan Danielson.

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