Orton's Drug Use, Mercury Says Goodbye, & More

In regards to the SI story that came out last week, Randy Orton was listed as allegedly receiving eight prescriptions for six different drugs from the same two doctors whose names were on prescriptions for MLB star Gary Matthews Jr. Orton allegedly received the following steroids: stanozolol, nandrolone, testosterone and oxandrolone (better known as Anavar, a drug that produces strength gains and hardens the body but doesn't give great size gains, and it is usually used with testosterone for a full bodybuilding cycle). Also allegedly prescribed to Orton was anastrozole, a drug designed for the use of breast cancer in menopausal women. Bodybuilders use the drug because it inhibits production of estrogen when coming off a steroid cycle by picking up secondary female sex characteristics such as gynecomastia (manboobs) and water retention. The other drug he allegedly received was Clomifene citrate, which is better known as Clomid. That drug is designed for the treatment of female infertility. Clomid is also used by bodybuilders to inhibit the production of estrogen when coming off a cycle, and in particular, to prevent gynecomastia.

Dubbz4president sent in the following: "This is just an interesting story more than useful information. Take it for what its worth I guess. Last night before the show me and my bud were standing in the back of the Allstate Arena (Chicago). And saw Orton, Nitro, Mercury, and CM Punk sitting in a car before the show. They all made there way out, had a little chat, and then we saw Mercury hugging CM Punk passionatly for about 2 minutes. My first thought was that something happened, maybe someone close to him died. Later that night I found out he was released. Kind of crazy I guess."

On Howard Stern's show today, in reading a Wrestlemania ad, Stern pronounced Umaga as "U-ma-ja" and Cena as "Senna." Cena did their show last year and nobody in studio corrected him because nobody in studio knew Cena or Umaga were. Also, when the Donald Trump hair stipulation was mentioned, both Stern and Robin Quivers acted as if this was the first they had heard about Trump being on the show. Quivers said there is no way Trump is losing.

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