Preliminary Details On Test's Release

Andrew "Test" Martin was released on February 27. WWE sources state that he actually "failed a few (drug) tests" and was nearly fired for it in January, but they kept him on to try to help make Bobby Lashley.

Vince McMahon really soured on him during the RVD vs. Lashley vs. Test match on ECW TV on January 16 where Lashley was supposed to get over huge and instead Test and RVD had to get all their stuff in. Vince McMahon was furious afterwards as he vowed that ECW would never air live again. He also said that no one in ECW knew how to work. After Test's program with Lashley ended, McMahon figured that he just didn't bring much to the table, and thus he didn't have much use for him anymore.

Test was also in a minor car accident last week and the cops made him take a sobriety test. He passed that test.

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