Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The ECW Originals vs. New Breed storyline will be blown off at WrestleMania. The ECW Originals are expected to lose the eight-man match. There are going to be no plans for the group after WrestleMania and some of them could be phased out of ECW all together.

With the exception of Rob Van Dam, since the ball is in his court in regards to whether he stays or goes, it's unlikely that any of the ECW Originals will have a TV role by the end of the summer. However, Dreamer will likely be kept on as a talent providing that he doesn't get his old office job back since Mike Bucci isn't in good standing with a number of people. He's the one who took over Dreamer's job as talent relations liaison to developmental. Bucci was also the office fall guy for the mess at the Arnold Classic convention a few weeks ago. Dreamer is also good friends with Shane McMahon so the feeling is he's going to have a spot. As far as Sabu and Sandman are concerned, they are currently on the bubble.

The feeling right now is negative to anyone with an ECW background because the brand flopped and the justification is that those guys weren't big enough stars. There are currently no plans for ECW-only house shows to return.