Test Returns, More HOF Spoilers, WM23, & More

Ed Norton sent this: I went to the Maryland Championship Wrestling show yesterday and TEST was there! He wrestled and it was announced that at the April 21 show TEST will take on Adam Flash for the MCW Heavyweight Title. Also on the April 21 show - The James Gang, Gail Kim, Traci Brooks, Alex Shelley, Rhyno, Abyss, and many more!

The televised version of the WWE hall of fame ceremony will likely feature the inductions of Jerry Lawler and Dusty Rhodes, and if time permits, Jim Ross.

The following is from Make DamnSure: Wrestlemania Build Up in UK is Immense. I have been out and about in my home city today of Wolverhampton, England. I have seen around FIVE different billboards, all big, with a Wrestlemania 23 poster on. A lot of UK Based websites for soccer, sports, etc. have been running advertisements alot. The TV advertisement is huge and I've been told of radio advertisements. It seems the WWE is REALLY Marketing Wrestlemania this year in the hope of building a solid base in the UK. Usually, for past Manias they'd run a few ads on Sky Sports and that would be it but this year has been surreal to walk around the mall and city centre and seeing giant billboards with John Cena and Shawn Michaels on them.

Shantelle Taylor, who got a tryout a few months ago on house shows as a mal cruiserweight wrestler all covered up (and nobody at the shows knew it was a woman), is getting good reviews for her athleticism down in Deep South Wrestling.

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