WWE Cancels Vladimir Kozlov's Scheduled Main Event Push

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vladimir Kozlov's main event heel push has been thrown out the window.

Nobody had anything bad to say about him at first, but after weeks of pushing him on television as a big deal, one road agent said that he wasn't close to being ready for what they were pushing him for. Every agent in the room then agreed with the person who spoke out. Vince McMahon then said something along the lines of, "(expletive), why are we pushing him them?" He then went on a long tirade about wasting television time on pushes for people who are going to ultimately fail. He then said that he only wants to give builds on TV to people who are ready to be stars now. McMahon was angry that they spent months on television pushing Kozlov, that nobody spoke out about the push, and then when the first person did, everyone agreed that he wasn't ready.

Kozlov segments were recently taken off of television. His WWE status is currently unknown.