Breaking News: Lawler/Hogan Match Off Due to WWE

-Jerry Lawler announced today that the Press Conference in Memphis that he would not be facing Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan has a contract with VH-1, and footage was going to be a part of "Hogan Knows Best" in the future. Jerry Lawler works for WWE, who is associated with NBC Universal and since that is the case he isn't allowed to be taped for the show, or rather isn't being allowed to be. It is odd because many WWE talents have been on the "Hogan Knows Best" show over the years, including Vince McMahon and they have even included clips of his Summerslam matches.

-The FedEx forum called WWE to make sure it was "OK" that the show was ran there, since it is a place WWE runs regularly. Reportedly WWE was fine with it, until Hogan's name came up. It is being said that WWE officials tried to get the Forum to cancel and the show, but were refused. Hogan went onto say that WWE then offered to pay Cory Macklin's deposit back, plus interest but were turned down by Macklin.

-Paul Wight was at the press conference and put over Hogan as an important influence on his career. Macklin made a comment that, "The Big Show must go on" and Wight replied, "I renounce my slave name. My name is Paul Wight." Wight also claimed to be 60lbs lighter and feeling the best he has in 10-years.

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