Kanyon Retires, Triple H/HOF, & More Notes Inside

Chris Kanyon has announced his retirement from pro-wrestling. Kanyon had been bouncing around the indy scene since WWE released him awhile ago. He claims WWE released him because he was gay, although there is no proof of that.

A fan was thrown out of this year's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony after screaming for Triple H to "tear your other quad" during Joyce Farhat's acceptance speech on behalf of the Original Sheik. Reports have also reveled that fan was be very obnoxious holding up sings and blocking peoples view.

During the last WrestleMania press conference Vince McMahon confirmed to the media that he and Donald Trump were both donating their payoffs to charity. McMahon said the amount would total just over $5 million. Trump was hesitant to do WrestleMania until he was informed that it would benefit a charity.

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