Shawn Michaels Upset With John Cena Over WrestleMania Match

Dave Meltzer appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling radio show on Sunday night after WrestleMania and he said that Shawn Michaels was extremely upset and unhappy with his match against John Cena. When he got backstage, he was screaming about how terrible he thought it was.

After the match had concluded, there was a spot where HBK abruptly walked away from a Cena handshake attempt which was not scripted, as they were supposed to shake hands. Michaels was red hot at Cena for not selling his leg that he spent the first few minutes of the match working on. Also, several of the agents were unhappy with Cena for that as well. In fact, you could see during the match that HBK got in Cena's face and started cutting a shoot promo on him, which is why the audio went out for a few seconds and was replaced with crowd noise.