Andrew “Test” Martin has posted a message on his MySpace page talking about the steroid scandal in sports these days. Here is his message: AS many of you know I asked for my release from WWE on Feb 27th and got it. I wasn’t having fun my last month there and I always said I would leave WWE when it wasn’t fun anymore! I love the wrestling have too to be in it. Gone 310+ a year working every night you are literally DESTROYING your body! That’s why you must love it, it really is about sacrifice! Would I let my child be a wrestler? Hell NO! But this is the path I chose for myself I have enjoyed the ride more than I have wanted to get off! Now with that said, I have had a lot of questions about this whole steroid scandal. When I asked for my release several people said it was because of steroids…that was not the case. I will not make you people feel stupid you see what a human body can do naturally and what it can’t. I will say this I don’t drink, I don’t do Illegal drugs and I am not judging anyone that does. God knows I had a lot of “fun” in my twenties but the older you get the more mortal you realize you are. Back to the steroid scandal….When I came back to WWE in their defense they do have a wellness program which all of us were tested several times! Steroids are frowned on because they are banned in competitive sports like the NFL, NHL and now baseball. I look at it this way…NFL players take the field with no idea of who will win that game. If the opposing team is all “juiced” up yes! that gives them an unfair competitive edge and therefore steroids should be banned. In wrestling {and I am NOT ADVOCATING the use of steroids} when i walk thru that curtain to start the match, I already know what the outcome is going to be. Unless you are a wrestler and doing our schedule which in the WWE is working pretty much every night..almost everyone there is hurting from one thing or another{and again i am not advocating steroids} you have to do what you can to work the next night because if you don’t, someone else will be there to take your spot and if your “a top” guy that means your losing money! Professional bodybuilders have taken things to another level. You look at Arnold and compare him to todays bodybuilder..Arnold couldn’t even step on stage with these guys. SO to sum all this up I’m not saying to take one thing or another, I’ve just given you some facts to think about before you judge. And to all the fans I want to say once again THANKYOU for being the greatest fans in the world…I love to hear you boo me and I’ve been gone only thirty days or so and miss you guys already and to all the original ECW fans I am sorry for what once was a great, great show. Take care and all the best and thanks again you guys rock!…Andrew

The case has been closed on the death of Bam Bam Bigelow: “Multidrug toxicity”. “The death was found to be from multidrug toxicity,” Director of Investigations William Pellan told the Asbury Park Press. “There was also a contributing factor of cardiovascular disease.” The heart issues included enlargement (typical wrestler issue) and a blocked coronary artery. The lab report listed a lethal combination of cocaine, painkillers, antibiotics (to treat a staph infection in his right leg) and a tranquilizer (methadone). “The report indicated that there should have been 47 more pills of the pain-killer Oxycontin from the original prescription than were found at the scene.” Presumably this does not mean he took 47 at one time, only that he was taking way more than prescribed and had thus run out early (which is why this was listed as accidental and not a suicide).

There was an article in the Haleyville, AL newspaper on Buff Bagwell, saying he’s been suspended from wrestling in the city for using profanity and mooning the crowd. The promoter was saying he’d also never use him again.