'The Condemned' slammed by critics

Steve Austin's first starring vehicle, The Condemned, has gotten terrible reviews so far. WWE had confidence in the film with many in WWE believing that it's their best film to date. So far, with the critics, it's not.

RottenTomatoes.com, which aggregates movie reviews from around the country, currently has The Condemned at a 16%, which means that only 16% of the reviews that have come in so far have been positive. Of the 38 reviews for the film so far, only 6 have been positive while the remaining 32 have been negative.

As for WWE's other films, it's currently performing worse than The Marine starring John Cena, which had a 21% (with 39 reviews, 8 were positive), although it is better than See No Evil's 8% (with 52 reviews, only 4 positive), although it's hard to perform worse with the critics than See No Evil.

The other film starring a wrestler, although not a WWE film, was The Rock's Gridiron Gang. While Gridiron Gang wasn't a hit with the critics, it still managed a 43%, with 94 total reviews and 40 of them being positive.

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