TNA Star In WWE?, WM23 Problems, & More News

From Billy Rouse: The Ethiopian Champion beaten by MVP this week on Smackdown was actually (I guess former) TNA wrestler D-Ray 3000.

We received a report of a problem with ordering Wrestlemania 23 in Pennsylvania on Comcast Cable.

From Josh Howard: I am in Blacksburg, Virginia, and I couldn't order Wrestlemania tonight either. I bought the PPV, but nothing but a black screen was there. I finally got someone on the phone at 7:20pm, but they had no idea what was wrong... so I missed out. Just letting you know.

From Calvin Lasister: I read about others having problems, but I did as well. Ordered it earlier in the day, turned on at 5:30 as it said and up came a message about Ordering not being able to place with a phone number attached. Tried for an hour to call, finally got through, and they started denying a problem and blamed us for any problems. PPV finally came on for me near the end of the Money in the Bank match, sadly the one I was looking forward too. And this was in Kansas City.

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