WWE WrestleMania 23 Results (April 1, 2007)

The following are detailed WWE WrestleMania 23 PPV results, courtesy of Gerweck.net:

* The show starts with a video highlight package with clips from past Wrestlemanias, and its return to Detroit 20 years later.

* Aretha Franklin performed "America the Beautiful."

* They aired a Wrestlemania video package with the "All Grown Up" Theme.

* Pyro went off. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show. Lawler pointed out that more fans jammed into Ford Field for Wrestlemania 23 than those that attended last year's Super Bowl.

* JBL and Michael Cole are ringside, along with ECW announcers – Tazz and Joey Styles. Styles congratulated JR on being inducted into the WWE hall of fame. I echo that one!

(1.) Money in the Bank: Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. CM Punk, vs. King Booker (with Queen Sharmell) vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Finlay.

Mr. Kennedy had his drop down mic come down from the entrance ramp as he introduced himself to the Ford Field crowd. They have three tall ladders set up on the entrance way. Finlay jumped off the top rope onto a handful wrestlers on the outside. Edge grabbed a ladder and tried to climb it, but was stopped by Matt Hardy. It was followed by Orton and Finlay until the ladder tilted over. Jeff Hardy was also unsuccessful in climbing the ladder early on. King Booker went for a ladder, but found the Hornswoggle's step ladder. Booker did the spinaroonie, which got a good pop. All six ringside announcers have their mics on, so all are commenting on the action. Jeff Hardy hit a senton bomb on Mr. Kennedy, and the Hardy's double team their opponents with a ladder. Jeff and Matt both climbed the ladder, but the ladder was pushed over by Finlay. Edge speared his opponents, but missed a spear attempt going for CM Punk. Edge recovered and speared Punk. Edge climbed the ladder, but Orton tipped it over. Jeff Hardy jumped off a ladder onto Edge, who was laying on a ladder on the outside of the ring. The ladder broke, which was set up on the guard rail up to the ring. As medics attended to Edge and Jeff Hardy, Orton hit a series of RKO. Orton and Punk climbed separate ladders. Orton hit an RKO off the ladder on Punk. Booker T hit a bookend off the ladder on Orton. Booker climbed the ladder, but Matt had Sharmell so he came to aid his wife. Matt climbed the ladder, but Finlay tipped the ladder over. Finlay is cut open on the top of his head. Finlay dropped Matt Hardy on a ladder. With Finlay down, Hornswoggle climbed a ladder. Kennedy climbed another ladder. Hornswoggle slapped Kennedy, which led to Kennedy bombing Hornswoggle to the mat. Finlay climbed the ladder, but Punk drop kicked the ladder. Punk climbed the ladder, but Kennedy recovered and climbed the other side of the ladder. Punk threw Kennedy off the ladder, but Kennedy answered with a ladder shot (with a second ladder) into Punk knocking him off. Kennedy climbed the ladder and grabbed the brief case to win the match at 19:10. Great opener. After the match, Finlay helped Hornswoggle back up.

- They showed highlights of Steve Austin's "The Condemned" as people came out for the opening. Movie comes out nationwide 4/27.

- Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy congratulated himself. He warned anyone with a title that he could be coming for them. He called himself "Mr. Money in the Bank."

- They aired another "All Grown Up" video.

(2) The Great Khali vs. Kane. Ross pointed out that Khali wears a size 20 shoe. Kane comes to the ring without his "See No Evil" hook. Khali fell back into the ropes, and had his arms tied up in the ropes. This allowed Kane to go outside and grab the chain and hook from under the ring. Khali destroyed a top turnbuckle. Low blow by Kane with the chain with the referee distracted. Kane slammed Khali! Kane went for a chokeslam, but Khali hit a two handed slam and pinned Kane at 5:31. After the match, Khali wrapped the chain around Kane's neck.

- They aired an all grown up video for the divas.

Backstage, Cryme Tyme chatted with Eugene. They do the extreme expose, but the music stops and Moolah and Mae Young come out and dance with Eugune. The return of Slick! Slick comes out and dances. Yes! Dusty Rhodes comes in still dressed in a tux and starts dancing with Jimmy Hart, Sgt. Slaughter and Mike Rotunda. In comes Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat with his handband and all. In walks Ron Simmons and says "Damn." They all continue to dance to the "roof is on fire."

- They show members of the Detroit Tigers sitting ringside. Yes, go Tigers!

(3) United States Title Match: Chris Benoit vs. MVP. Benoit went for the crossfire early, but MVP was able to counter. Benoit tried the sharpshooter, but MVP again countered. Even with some solid mat wrestling, fans are pretty flat. Benoit did three German suplexes on MVP. Benoit climbed to the top rope, but MVP ran over and head butted the U.S. champion. MVP superplexed Benoit, but Benoit countered on the mat and nearly pinned his challenger. MVP got a 2 1/2 count followed a clothesline. Benoit went for the crossface, but couldn't lock it in. Benoit hit two German suplexes, but MVP blocked the third attempt. Benoit followed it up with a three more German suplexes. Benoit hit a diving headbutt from the top rope to win the match at 9:19.

- They aired an Undertaker Wrestlemania video.

- Backstage, Donald Trump is with his former Miss USA Tera on his cell phone. As Trump talks on the phone, the lights dim and the Boogeyman comes up from behind Trump. Tara runs off, but Trump isn't scared and tells him to get him a sandwich.

- They plugged that WWE returns to PPV on 4/29 for Backlash.

- They aired a highlight package of last night's Hall of Fame ceremony.

- They announced the attendance as 80,103.

- Lilian Garcia introduced Howard Finkel, who brought out the WWE hall of fame class of 2007. Muraco wheeled out Mr. Fuji on a wheel chair. Mr. Perfect was represented by Larry "The Ax" Hennig and Curt's wife.

- In AT&T mobile voting, people are picking The Undertaker to beat Batista tonight, 82 to 18%.

- They aired a Batista-Undertaker highlight package.

- Teddy Long did the ring introductions.

(4) World Heavyweight Title Match: Batista vs. The Undertaker. Batista came out first. The druids and fire came out, followed by The Undertaker. The match started with the two brawling on the outside, and Batista rammed The Undertaker's knee into the ring steps. Batista came off the top rope via a tackle, but The Undertaker kicked out of the first pin fall attempt. The crowd is really popping for The Undertaker's offense. The Undertaker hit a boot to the face, followed by a leg drop, but the champion kicked out of a pin fall attempt. The Undertaker went old school with his top rope walk. Batista blocked a chokeslam attempt by The Undertaker. Fans started a "lets to Taker" chant. On the outside ring apron, Undertaker leg dropped Batista. The Undertaker jumped over the top rope crashing into Batista on the arena floor. Taker brawled with Batista on the outside, including the champion crashing the Undertaker into steps near Lilian Garcia's announce table. Batista placed Undertaker on the announcer's table, as fans booed. A running powerslam by Batista on a second announcer's table left the Undertaker flat on his back on the loor. Batista pushed Taker back into the ring, but Undertaker kicked out of Batista's pin fall attempt. Batista hit a belly to belly suplex, but Taker kicked out again. The Undertaker hit the last ride, but Batista kicked out. Spinbuster by Batista, but Undertaker got right back up. Chokeslam by Taker, but Batista kicked out. Batista signaled for the end, but a spear by Batista. Batista bomb, but Taker kicked out. Taker blocked a second Batista attempt. Taker regain control and hit the tombstone piledriver to win the World Heavyweight title at 15:47. 15-0! In the ring, Taker dropped to his knee and held up the world title belt. Pyro went off and Undertaker celebrated his title victory. Taker walked away, but raised his hand to the crowd, as fireworks went off.

- A Bobby Lashley All Grown Up video aired.

- Backstage, Stephanie wished her dad good luck. Vince snapped when Stephanie brought her baby daughter in. Vince tells his granddaughter that grandpa is going to beat up Donald Trump. Stephanie worried that he is upsetting the young McMahon child. Vince smells something, and said the baby just took a "trump."

In a match that was taped before Wrestlemania for the DVD release, Ric Flair and Carlito defeated Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero in a tag team battle royal.

The ECW originals came through the crowd on their way to the ring. The Sandman was drinking beer and usual, swinging his cane.

(5) New Breed – Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn (with Ariel), and Elijah Burke vs. The ECW Originals – RVD, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Sabu. The Sandman dropped a leg on Striker, and attempted the first pin fall. Crowd is dead again. Burke hit the elijah express on Dreamer. The New Breed did quick tags to keep Dreamer in the ring. Dreamer made the hot tag to RVD, but no one seems to care about this match. RVD monkey flipped Striker, followed by rolling thunder. Dreamer hit the DDT on Striker, but Burke hit Dreamer from behind. RVD hit the five star frog splash on Striker and pinned him for the victory at 6:26. Styles says OMG! Got to give it to Amy Spears (our ECW TV reporter), she predicted it.

- They aired a Steve Austin all grown up video.

- They plugged that Wrestlemania 24 will be held in Orlando, FL.

- They introducted boxing legend Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns at ringside.

- They aired the celebs commenting on whom they would like to see bald headed tonight, Vince McMahon or Donald Trump, followed a video hyping up the battle of the billionaires.

- They brought out a barber shop on wheels coming down the entrance ramp.

(6) Battle of the Billionaires: IC champion Umaga (with Vince McMahon and Estrada) vs. ECW champion Bobby Lashley (with Donald Trump and Tara Conner). "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is the special guest referee. Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe gave Vince the thumbs down from the ringside area as he came out first. As Trump came out, they dropped money from the ceiling again. JR said that Donald Trump was the most searched name on the internet this weekend. Austin came out with a referee shirt without any sleeves. Great reaction for Austin. Lashley pulled Estrada into the ring, gave him a running powerslam, and tossed him out of the ring. I guess this was their way to get Estrada out of the way. Umaga jumped over the top rope, but missed his target. Umaga splashed the ECW champion for the first pin fall attempt. Umaga wouldn't break a choke hold, and Austin got into Umaga's face. Austin eventually had to pull Umaga off Lashley by yanking on Umaga's hair. Mr. McMahon encourged Umaga, and the IC champion hit a Samoan drop. Vince got up on the apron, but Lashley backed into him knocking him to the floor. Both men were on the mat, and Austin counted to nine, but with both guys still down, Austin wouldn't declare the match over. Shane McMahon came out to help up his father. Shane came up on the apron, distracted Austin and Umaga gave Stone Cold the Samoan spike. Shane and Umaga double teamed Lashley. Vince tossed a trash can to his son, and Shane-O-Mac went coast to coast into the trash can set up on Lashley in one corner. Shane pulled off his shirt, to reveal a referee shirt. Umaga came off the rop rope onto Lashley, and as Shane counted, Austin pulled Shane out of the ring. Another Samoan spike by Umaga on Austin. Donald attacked Mr. McMahon! Austin blocked a third Samoan Spike, and stunned Umaga. Lashley hits his finisher for the victory. Austin pulled Vince into the ring. Shane attacks Austin from behind, but a Lou Thesz by Austin. Austin stunners Shane. Vince tried to sneak away, but Lashley ran after him on the entrance ramp and brought him back. Austin stunners Vince, and places him into the barber's chair which they brought into the ring. Trump brought out clippers. Lashley and Trump start cutting Vince's hair off. Lots of gray under there. Well, it was really Vince's hair. After they shave him, Trump and Lashley use hand razors and make sure to remove any left over hair. Austin starts to drink a beer. Vince falls out of the chair when he sees himself in a mirror. Afterwards, Austin drinks beer with Lashley and Trump and Vince walks away. Austin stunners Trump and walks away! Austin walks away drinking beer as Lashley helps up Trump. They show Vince's shaved off hair in the ring. To view photos of Vince McMahon bald from the PPV, click the link at the bottom.

- They aired a Cena all grown up video.

- They showed a Backlash PPV promo.

- Cole and JBL showed highlights on the tag team battle royal match that took place before the broadcast which was won by Ric Flair and Carlito.

(7) Lumberjill match for the Women's title: Melina vs. Ashley. I think they have brought out every diva on the roster for this one to surround the ring including the expose girls. Melina wins a terrible match at 3:14. After the match, the lumberjills got into a quick pull apart. Its too bad they didn't air the tag team battle royal instead of this one.

- They aired a HBK all grown up video.

- AT&T Mobile voting: Cena over HBK, 59% to 41%.

- They aired a video highlight package of the Cena-HBK feud.

(8) WWE Title Match: John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels. Cena comes in driving a Mustang through the street of Detroit, and break through the Wrestlemania glass inside Ford Field. JR points out that the WWE title has been defended 22 times at Wrestlemania, and the challenger has won 15 times. Bell rings at 10:08 ET, so they must have a sold half an hour for this one. Before the match, a fan runs into the ring, but it wasn't acknowledged. No hand shake, in fact, HBK gave Cena the crotch chop to start the match. Cena hits HBK with a clothesline, and the fans booed the champ. HBK countered Cena with a Lou Thesz press. Mike Chiota is the referee. HBK hip tosses Cena from the ring onto the floor and gives Cena a Ric Flair chest chop. Springboard moonsault by HBK on the outside, landed the champion onto JR and Lawler's announcer's table. HBK rammed Cena's knee into the ring post, as HBK continued to work on the champ's left leg. The referee asked Cena if he wants to continue, as HBK to work over the left leg. Fans come across as lukewarm to the match, as after all, they have been sitting for along time. HBK chops Cena, which got the usual "Whooaa" chant. Cena and HBK brawled in the corner. Cena continues to sell the left leg. HBK's head struck the ring post, which cut him open. Fans continue to boo Cena's offense. You can't see me, followed by the five knuckle shuffle by the WWE champion. HBK blocked the FU attempt. HBK superkicked the referee as Cena ducked. Michaels countered another FU attempt with a DDT. On the outside, HBK gives Cena a piledriver on the ring steps. This cuts open the back of the head of the WWE champion. Jack Doane, a second referee runs out, but Cena kicks out at 2 as HBK went for the victory. HBK drops an elbow from the top rope. HBK tunes up the super kick, but Cena counters with a clothesline. Fans continue to cheer HBK, and boo Cena. Cena hits the FU, but couldn't make the cover fast enough. HBK blocked a FU attempt from the ropes. The two counter each other moves, as both go for the win. STFU by Cena. Micheals makes it to the ropes. Sweet chin music by HBK, but Michaels isn't able to make the cover quick enough. Both men laid on the mat as the referee started to give the 10 count. They got up at nine. More counters, STFU again by Cena in the middle of the ring. HBK taps out at 28:21, Cena wins and retains the title. Cena raised the spinning belt, as more pyro goes off. JR said this one was for his father, John Cena Sr. HBK walks away, and Cena runs over to him on the entrance way, but Michaels continues to walk way. Cena gives him the salute, and returns to the ring to celebrate.

- The show ends with a video highlight package of the event.