Major News On The Releases Of Vito, Sabu, & Too Cold Scorpio

With Vito being released with WWE he now has the cross-dressing reputation to deal with. Big V had dropped the gimmick while working OVW recently, but now has to make the decision whether or not to use it, considering it may draw fans in certain independent promotions.

Despite looking good in the developmental territories, Charles "Too Cold Scorpio" Skaggs was released from WWE because of numerous backstage enemies and the fact that he could not get his weight down. According to Dave Meltzer, the only reason that Skaggs was hired by WWE was as a favor to King Booker. At 41 years old, Skaggs was used sparingly and was buried after the few chances he was given because he was unable to get into better shape. While Skaggs could still perform well at his age and with the extra weight, he had a lot of enemies in high places within WWE and people would bring up his unreliable track record from many years back. During his latest run, he had no problems but he was unable to overcome his negative reputation which led to his eventual release from WWE.

Sabu being released from WWE is certainly no surprise. As we've been noting for weeks now he has been on thin ice and had his job saved on at least one occasion by Paul Heyman. With Heyman no longer with the company and RVD on his way out the feeling backstage was that Sabu would be let go. After he showed up late and a mess at last week's tapings in Baltimore, WWE officials had enough and decided to make the cut then.

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