‘The Condemned’ is finally out of theaters surviving just under a month. The movie started playing in 2,310 cinemas initially and then dropped to 508 theaters in fifteen days and finally to 207 before getting kicked. It gathered a total of $7,371,706 in domestic box office revenues and as of May 20th another $121,316 in worldwide box office. The movie was only screened in Philippines and Iceland so far. Either way you look at it, the movie was a total disaster and DVD sales and rentals is the only thing that can save the movie to at least break even.

Adam Simmons sent this: Every once in a while we have the privilege of sitting down and interviewing a true legend of the pro wrestling industry, and today was no exception. I had the honor of interviewing former WWE Intercontinental Champion, and somebody you may have just recently seen on WWE Smackdown not too long ago-Tatanka! He’s going to be making the trip up to Dunkirk, IN this Friday night for Pro Wrestling Renaissance’s debut event at the Glass Days Festival! To check out this interview where he not only touches on PWR, but the possibilities of returning to WWE, or even going to TNA, call The Indy Wrestleline at 317-592-9401, option 3 for The Hotseat!

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