The Freebirds Get Drunk/Crazy At Bar, MVP's Tacky Costume, More

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Buddy Roberts and Jimmy Garvin were recently brought to WWE headquarters to shoot interviews for the upcoming World Class Wrestling DVD. After shooting, the two of them and Michael Hayes went to a bar & grill in Stamford where they reverted back to being "Fabulous Freebirds." It was a wild scene including someone urinating in Roberts' drink, and him not knowing about it, and then drinking it. Just before things got too out of hand, they realized it wasn't 1983 anymore and they left the place. Roberts is 60, Hayes is 48 and Garvin is 55.

It is readily acknowledged that WWE has to get MVP out of the "Power Ranger" costume so that he can taken a bit more seriously. He was given the costume because when he was first brought up, he had a gut. However, his physique is a lot better now, so the costume isn't really necessary anymore.

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