Too Cold Scorpio's Firing, Kennedy Irate, Cena's Reign

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Charles Skaggs aka Too Cold Scorpio was largely hired as a favor to Booker T back in September. He'd been under contract for months without being used before finally starting in developmental in March, and then being let go. His main problem is that he had too many enemies in high places, and no matter how well he wrestled, he'd be buried for not being in the best of shape. That also explains why he did the Flash Funk gimmick, because the costume covers up his body. Also, people would bring up his track record from many years ago of being unreliable, although he didn't cause any problems during his latest run. There were just too many people negative on him, and he was never going to get a fair chance.

Mr. Kennedy is said to be irate at the Pennsylvania doctor that misdiagnosed his right triceps injury on 5/7. Dr. James Andrews determined that the injury was a severe hematoma, and not a muscle tear on 5/9. Had they known that injury wasn't as serious as it was first thought to be, he probably would have gutted it out because the original plan called for him to win the title at the 5/8 SmackDown taping. Also, the Money in the Bank gimmick is over because he already cashed it in. The working idea is for Kennedy to return to action around the first week of July.

John Cena's reign has gone on so long that he is now in sixth place for most time spent as WWE Champion. Those ahead of Cena are Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, Pedro Morales, Triple H, and Bob Backlund. He recently passed Bret Hart on the list. Providing that he doesn't lose the title at any point this year, he'll surpass Triple H's seemingly endless "Reign of Doom" at around the end of the year.

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