Jericho, Debra, Graham All Comment On Benoit Tragedy

Debra (formerly of WCW and WWE), the ex-wife of Steve Austin and "Superstar" Billy Graham were interviewed on Fox New Channel's "Hannity and Colmes."

Debra Marshall

- Marshall said Austin took steroids, and she saw him use them.

- She said the wrestling industry is a hush hush business, and people don't talk about this topic openly.

- She attributes Austin's domestic abuse on her to steroid abuse.

- Marshall said she thought the last time she was attacked by Austin, she was going to die. It was 'roid' rage in her opinion, and he had been drinking.

- She said she showed up to work with bruises, but nobody said anything because Austin made millions for the company.

- She said if she had spoken up years ago, maybe Nancy and Daniel would be alive today.

- She said WWE told her not say anything about the domestic abuse.

- She said WWE is deflecting the heat about 'roid' rage.

- Marshall said that Graham has never been on the end of someone being abused by somebody on steroids.

"Superstar" Billy Graham

- Graham said WWE is not responsible for the Benoit tragedy, as the San Francisco Giants would not be responsible if Barry Bonds had a 'roid' rage.

- He said WWE isn't a baby sister, and wrestlers must be responsible for their own actions.

- Graham wondered if there were pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, etc. in the home, as the media only asked if steroids were found.

- Graham said his wife Valerie has seen some of his past rages.

- Graham said Benoit passed a WWE drug test in April for steroids, but has no doubt that Benoit has used steroids in the past.

Chris Jericho

- Y2J characterized the Benoit case as a tale of two cities. Jericho said Benoit was his mentor, and one of his best friends. Y2J said he had told Benoit he loved him.

- "I think it goes a lot deeper than that," said Jericho when asked about steroid being a factor.

- Y2J never discussed his son's condition. Jericho said Benoit was a quiet person. Jericho said he wouldn't be surprised if Benoit's parents never knew of Daniel's condition.

- Jericho said when he learned of Daniel'' fragile X syndrome condition, it made sense since the young Benoit had the symptoms such as lack of social skills, flapping of the hands, being hyper, having trouble focusing, ADHD, having a bigger head with smaller ears, etc. Previously, Jericho thought Daniel was naturally withdrawn like Benoit.

- "Fabrication," said Y2J of reports that Benoit was distraught about being demoted to the ECW brand. Jericho said Benoit was on the verge of winning of the ECW title, and would have been a coach/mentor in WWE's third brand.

- Jericho said Benoit never had a job of outside of the wrestling business.

- Jericho said Benoit's son is 14 years old and daughter is 10 or 11, and hanging in there.

- Jericho suggested that Benoit had a deep dark mental problem that had been building inside him for years.

- Jericho said Benoit loved his children, and even would fly home just to be with his kids for a few hours.

- Jericho said the WWE drug testing is random and independently done. He said wrestlers have failed the drug test, and suggested they ask Vince McMahon for the names.

* On a side note, Nancy Grace brought up the Wikipedia entry, and a suggestion was made that perhaps Benoit had told someone of his wife's death.

* A caller asked about a scenario that Benoit himself was murdered, and the panel insisted that the evidence doesn't support that theory. A guest suggested that until the toxicology reports come in, that perhaps Nancy Benoit killed Daniel since she was a woman's wrestler.

* Grace said a statuette of Benoit was found near Daniel's body.

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