RVD's WWE Departure, Benoit To ECW Update, Lots More News

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince McMahon didn't make up his mind on how to handle RVD's departure until the 5/29 Smackdown/ECW tapings before One Night Stand. McMahon thought about asking RVD to stay an extra week or two beyond ONS, but he wasn't asked in the end. McMahon was thinking about having RVD beat Orton at ONS to shock all the fans who thought RVD was losing for sure and leaving. Orton would then win a TV rematch on RVD's last night in. McMahon changed his mind again and just had Orton take RVD out after the match at ONS.


Regarding Benoit's move to ECW, SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes just doesn't see him as a top talent. On the otherhand, all the other backstage people are high on him, so it was best to get him out of there. At one point the plan was to send him to Raw, but they thought it would be better for him to go ECW because they feature younger wrestlers and he could be a player/coach on the brand.

WWE has approached Len Davies, the promoter of Real Quality Wrestling, which is based in London, England, about setting up a developmental territory. He was flown by WWE to Detroit for WrestleMania about further discussions. A decision probably won't be made until next month, and WWE are the ones likely making the call. Davies has his own media and production company, not to mention good contacts with people in the U.K. television industry. He is also well enough to cover whatever financial losses the company may entail.