Dynamite Kid Rips Benoit, Two New Summerslam Posters

Two new Summerslam posters have been released to remove the references to Jackass. One features Umaga's face twice staring at each other and the second features Triple H hyping his return.

legendary British wrestler the Dynamite Kid, who Benoit admired and looked up to had this to say in the UK Globe newspaper:

"I feel no sympathy for him. We all knew the dangers. Benoit should have known his limits. We've all been through it, but we didn't take it out on our loved ones. His poor wife and child didn't deserve to die just because Benoit screwed his life up. I'm glad he's dead! I warned Benoit to be careful - the wrong combination could send you over the edge. I'm convinced that's what happened here. He got it wrong, and his wife and son paid the price."

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