Sherri Martel's Toxicology, SummerSlam Theme, & More

The test results of Sherri Martel's toxicology report could take about a year to come out. The reason for this is because Alabama's Department of Forensic Science had their budget slashed and they're about a year behind on things.

WWE 24/7 in August will have a SummerSlam theme. WWE 24/7 will air the SummerSlams from 1989 and 1997, not to mention some other SummerSlam moments. If that's not enough, WWE 24/7 will air the "go-home" shows from 1989 and 1997 that hype those particular SummerSlams. They'll show the final edition of Prime Time Wrestling before SummerSlam '89, not to mention the Raw before SummerSlam 1997.

Sylvan Grenier has worked several dark matches and house show events in the past two weeks or so. He's come to the ring with 2006 Diva Search contestant Maryse Ouellet as his valet for every single one of his outings. A call-up to the main roster definitely seems to be on the horizon for the pair.