Update On The Death Of Sherri Martel, & More

Rick Karle, WBRC Sports Director, joined Greta Thursday night to update the Sherri Martel case.

- Homicide investigators in Alabama want to speak to Sherri's husband Robert Schrull again about a timeline on the day Sherri died. Schrull claimed he found Sherri's body on the floor inside their home, while the family claims she collapsed on her porch.

- Investigators are saying this case has nothing to do with the Benoit case, or anything in common.

- Karle talked to Sherri's sister Vickie, and she is upset that toxicology and autopsy reports will be made available in the Benoit case first, as Sherri died before Benoit. Toxicology reports, in Martel's case, may not be available for up to one year.

- Bottom line: the cause of death in this case is still unknown.