Colossus, a wrestler from IWA in Puerto Rico, signed a WWE developmental deal, and has been assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa.

Teddy Hart already has heat in OVW, reports Bob Ryder. Things started rough for him when he took a cell phone call during a production meeting on his first day in OVW. Also Hart has been refusing to do chores claming that his thumb is injured. He missed several training sessions as well. On the flip side, Nattie Neidhart and Harry Smith have both been heavily praised for their work in OVW.

There was a death in Marcus Cor Von’s family a couple of weeks back that he is taking very hard and he is still out dealing with that reports Mike Johnson.

The executive vice president of USA Bonnie Hammer has suggested to Vince McMahon that they re-hire Sable, Chyna and whoever else they can get from the Attitude Era. Vince is listening to all her suggestions just to be nice but is getting frustrated with her overall.