Update On The Passing Of Brian 'Crush' Adams

The passing of former WWE & WCW star Brian "Crush" Adams received lots of media attention yesterday on ESPN, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and many other outlets. We had a few readers send in some notes regarding a few shows picking up the story.


Steve Torres sent this in: I flipped on Nancy Grace during a commercial on RAW. A guest host was talking about Brian Adams death. He asked David Meltzer if the WWE would have a tribute show for him, to which Meltzer said they might mention it next week. The host also asked the guest lawyers on the show if Adams family had any legal recourse against the WWE. They all spoke about Adams like he was still employed by the WWE.

XtremeFalls43 sent this in: On ESPN First Take, Bryan Adams death was covered at the news death. They said what happened and mentioned it was 2 months after the death of Chris Benoit and his family.

John Woodworth sent this in: SI.COM has picked up the story about Brian Adams passing away.


David Gough sent this in: The following is an article on the Australia NineMsn site. It speaks about Brian Adams in a way that makes it seem like he was on the current WWE roster. It also mentions the Chris Benoit tragedy again.

According to medical examiner Dr. Leszek Chrostowski, there is no preliminary cause of death for former WWE & WCW star Brian "Crush" Adams who was found dead yesterday by his wife not breathing in bed. Further testing is ongoing to determine a cause of death, which will include toxicology reports and tissue testing that won't be available for least six to eight weeks.