Ariel Online 'Scam', WWE Expansion, Trish, 'Mania, More

There are some meetings planned which are scheduled for the near future in the WWE to start working on the international expansion again.

The SummerSlam DVD will be released on 9/25.

Trish Stratus is training to take part in a celebrity triathlon, which will take place in Turks & Caicos. The race will be raising awareness and funds for several AIDS charities.


The following videos have been on Billboard's Top 10 Recreational Sports chart for the week ending September 15th. 'The Great American Bash 2007' debuts in the first place, 'The Ladder Match' is in fifth, 'WrestleMania 23' in sixth, 'Vengeance 2007' in seventh and 'One Night Stand 2007' in eighth. TNA's 'Slammiversary 2007' made its debut in the third place.

This is from Shelley "Ariel" Martinez's Myspace. Wrestling.... No, it is NOT true, you CANNOT pay a fee to wrestle me. I am NOT taking 'personal' sessions. Just wanted to clear that up. I guess internet reports are saying this is true. I have gotten tons of emails reguarding the post and I wanted to go ON the record and clear that mess up. Thank you, Shelly. Thanks to the many readers who sent that in.