Ashley/Survivor **SPOILER**, Suspended WWE Stars, More

Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Rumor has it that Ashley Massaro was bounced from the competition on Survivor : China pretty early. Supposedly, she was the second person eliminated in the contest.

Last week, WWE made it very clear that they weren't announcing the names of the suspended wrestlers, but would be making all future suspensions public as of November 1st. Last Thursday when all this stuff came out, a very small number of people in WWE were aware of all the names, and those were the very high-up executives including Vince, Stephanie, Johnny Ace, Brian Gewirtz, Michael Hayes, etc. There was, as has been the case recently, incredible paranoia about news getting out on the Internet, so folks were being very tight-lipped. The creative team was finally told on Friday, because they had to write television for the weekend and had to know who was and was not going to be available. For example, Dusty Rhodes, had two scripts written, one in case John Morrison was available and one in case he was not.

Vince McMahon said during a meeting with the creative team that he was going to enforce the three-strike rule in the WWE Wellness Policy to the letter, no matter how big a star the person was.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's next movie project will be a remake of the 1975 movie "Escape from Witch Mountain." The Rock will star in Disney's "Witch Mountain," which will be a family action/comedy. "Witch Mountain" will be a major release by Disney in the summer of 2009. Anna Sophia Robb ("Terrabithia") will be the little girl co-host. The role of the female love interest has yet to be cast. The movie is scheduled to start production in March.

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