Batista Speaks On Drug Scandal, Cena, Nick Hogan, More

– Dave Bautista posted on his website today that WWE has received no evidence implicating him in the recent drug scandal, which explains him not being suspended. He denies the report put out by ESPN and MSNBC linking him to the scandal, saying he has never been a customer of the pharmacy in question. He says that he is regularly tested and is in full compliance with the WWE Wellness Program. He was not listed in either the Sports Illustrated or New York Daily reports. ESPN has yet to update on the story as of this point.


– The mother of the boy who was in the passenger seat when Nick Hogan crashed his car was featured in the St. Petersburg Times talking about how much she likes the entire Hogan family and how they've been there for her family from the beginning.

– InDemand is doing a PPV called "Road to Glory: John Cena" using Cena's early UPW footage. It will start airing on October 12.