Cena/Orton Backstage Friendship, King Booker/Sharmell, More

John Cena and Randy Orton have become good friends off camera. For years, the two young stars have been groomed by WWE to be the future of the company. They enjoy working together and worked hard to elevate the quality of their matches over the past few months.

King Booker's wife/valet Sharmell recently told the Baltimore Sun that she loves her on-air personality. She joked that Booker will sometimes morph into his King Booker character "almost every other second" while at home, using the King Booker voice and everything.

It is interesting to note that Stone Cold Steve Austin is now charging $25,000 to do a three-hour autograph session. In comparison, Hulk Hogan charges $75,000. Austin's rate has dropped as he was charging $30,000 last year.

WWE's Friday Night SmackDown remains number one in the Hispanic television ratings.

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