Conway's Tights, Y2J's RAW Return, Benoit, More

Rob Conway is auctioning off a pair of tights on E-Bay worn at Wrestlemania 21 and against the Rockers on Raw in 2005. He is currently taking bids and proceeds go to charity.

It is interesting to note that Chris Jericho's book signing tour does not features dates scheduled on Mondays. If this is any indication that he will be returning to WWE I guess it's all but confirmed that it will be with the RAW brand.


With the recent plans for international expansion, WWE has branched out their executives. Andrew Whitaker will be President of WWE Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and will be stationed in an office in London. Carl DeMaro, the current president of WWE Canada, will now also be the president of China and Latin America. Jonathan Sully will head up WWE Asia Pacific from an office in Sydney, Australia. Presidents will be responsible for integrated sales, marketing and digital initiatives and expanding WWE on television and live events in new markets.

Chris Benoit's former physician Dr. Phil Astin suffered a big blow yesterday as his high-profile attorney Manny Arora has pulled out of the case because Astin cannot afford to pay him. The case has pretty much ruined Astin's life as he has been unable to work, causing foreclosure notices to be posted on his real estate.