Hulk Hogan Comments On Nick's Car Crash

Source: now has an interview up with Hulk Hogan as he discusses his son's recent car accident. He talks about when he arrived on scene by saying "When I saw the wreck, I didn't think anybody was alive," Hulk says. "I thought no one could have lived through a wreck like that."


When asked about John Graziano, Hogan states "We were always close. The crazy thing is that John is like my son too. When he went to Kuwait and came back, it was like a miracle. So the bond with these boys and with these two families is something that people don't understand. It's a tough one for all of us."

Hogan said that Nick is doing fine. He had some broken ribs and a broken arm as well as some knee problems. Hogan denies the allegations that Nick was racing at the time of the crash. Hogan states he was on the way to a restaurant.

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