Interesting Cena/Batista Facts, Kidman Returns, Sydal Injured

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Former WWE/WCW star Billy Kidman wrestled in the main event at last night's Florida Championship Wrestling show. He wrestled FCW Southern champion Harry Smith in a losing effort. Kidman was accompanied to the ring by Lacey Von Erich — daughter of Kerry Von Erich who is under a developmental contract to WWE. Unlike Ohio Valley Wrestling, FCW usually doesn't allow talent not under contract to WWE appear on their shows, so it's quite interesting that Kidman was allowed to appear on one. Kidman also appeared in a battle royal to name a new number one contender to face Harry Smith. The final three were Kidman, Teddy Hart and G-Rilla. Hart eliminated Kidman with a clothesline but G-Rilla eliminated Hart with a backdrop.


Matt Sydal, who is now under contract to WWE, suffered a concussion last night in his ROH farewell match with Delirious. Sydal is scheduled to start in OVW soon.

John Cena surpassed Hulk Hogan's 1989-1990 title reign for the seventh longest WWE title reign in WWE history at Unforgiven. If he holds on to the belt for an additional week, he will surpass Randy Savage's reign for the sixth longest reign. That will definitely happen.

Since August 2006, Batista has been involved in every World Heavyweight Championship match on PPVs featuring SmackDown talent except for two. In the two pay-per-views in which he wasn't involved in a title match, he was in the main event anyway (Armageddon 2006 and No Way Out 2007). Furthermore, his title match at tonight's Unforgiven pay-per-view will be his seventh consecutive title shot at a pay-per-view.