Is 'Psycho' Sid Vicious WWE Bound?, The Absolute Latest

Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

There is something to the WWE/Sid Vicious return rumors. The WWE side has at least shown some interest in Sid. Sid has definitely shown some interest in making a return in the past.


A WWE official — likely Johnny Ace — personally asked him if he he'd like to return to the company. However, there was condition he had to meet before he could return to the company — he had to pass the Wellness test. The official asked him if he could pass the test and Sid said that he couldn't. Apparently, he's undergoing some sort of therapy or is taking something to attend to whatever physical problems he may have. Sid felt that he wouldn't be able to comply with the policy and that's why he's probably not coming in.

During SummerSlam weekend, Johnny Ace and the recently terminated Mike Bucci were on hand for an indy show featuring Sid in a match with Jerry Lawler. The show was generally composed of unknown indy talent, so you'd have to think that they were only there to scout Sid on how he was doing. Presumably, that's when Sid was inquired about his services. Even at the age of 47, he still looks and wrestles the same for the most part.


WWE's looking for names who have some experience and have some star power who they can plug in because they don't have enough guys to headline, especially after all these injuries and suspensions. Sid is decent enough and has enough name value that they were willing to roll the dice with him again.